Monday, September 7, 2009

Who loves the Raiders? Obviously not Richard Seymour.

Well, this whole thing was going to be about the silly Richard Seymour situation, but I'm going to take this a different direction. But, I have to get this in here......The Raiders sent him the "five day" letter. Now, it sounds like one of two things is happening.

a.) As Adam Schefter is reporting, Seymour is on his way to Oakland and will arrive today. He'll be in uniform and play Monday night, if he passes his physical.

b.) The Boston Globe is reporting that the NFLPA is going to file a grievance on Seymour's behalf stating that "five day letters" don't apply to traded players and the trade should be nullified.

I hope it's option 'a,' but who knows. I think we'd all be hoping for option 'a,' if for no other reason than to get this thing put to bed and so we can stop hearing about it and have the situation continue to give the national media and NFL fans more ammo to call the Raiders a joke. Second, I don't want to have to hear Mike Greenberg beat the dead horse for the entire broadcast on Monday night. Third, let's all be honest, the run defense needed help. Bad. And, if this is how Al and the coaching staff (well, mostly Al) see fit to address the issue, then I'm in support. If Seymour plays up to past form, he should be a great asset to the defensive front four. I'm most interested to see how the fans react to him, when (if) he's introduced as the starting defensive end on Monday night.

Wonder what this may now mean for William Joseph? I'm sure he's enjoyed being cut to make room for Seymour when the trade was made, then added back on the roster when Seymour failed to show up and now wondering what's going to become of his status with the Raiders.

On a secondary note. I got a phone call the other day and during that telephonic discussion, I heard something that was utterly shocking. I couldn't help but ask in a loud, shrill manner (kind of like Goose in Top Gun), "What?!?!?!"

The suspense killing you, yet? Didn't think so.

And, actually, I'm glad it's not killing you. Why do I say that you ask? It's because I can't let the cate out of the bag, so I don't anyone being harmed due to the suspense. Such is the way of the world. You get to be in a spot of privilege and it unfortunately comes with responsibility. As much as it pains me to do it, I have to exercise that responsibility. I apologize for the tease. But, it does have to do with the Raiders and it is something that I'd never ever thought I'd hear. Ever.

A couple notes going into the game Monday night......

-Darren McFadden will get the start at RB

- Jonathan Holland got converted from WR to DB yesterday and will stay at the DB position for the indefinite future with the practice squad

- Nick Miller (my boy) did not practice yesterday (shin splints) and is questionable for Monday night. If he's down, Johnnie Lee Higgins will be the man on kick returns. We also have the option of just using JLH on punts and then using Louis Rankin on kick returns

- We'll be starting two rookies at the WR spots. Murphy and Heyward-Bey will get the start, with Walker coming in off the bench

- Keep an eye on JaMarcus Russell. Monday will be the first game of what is supposed to be his "breakout" year. Monday could very well set the tone for what's to come the rest of the season

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