Saturday, September 12, 2009

This just in....Raider Nation breathes a collective sigh of relief

Well, it's all over, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing more to see here.

The Richard Seymour circus has now folded up the tents and left town. Specifically, it has packed up in Boston and is headed out to the Bay Area.

Seymour has spoken publicly for the first time since the trade and has said that he is excited to be headed to the Raiders, has been in constant contact with the Raiders (specifically Al and Cable) and the delay in reporting was due to being blindsided by the news and having to take care of family issues that were more important than football.

You can check out the entire story here, quotes from Seymour included.

As much as it was a rollercoaster, wondering will he or won't he, what's he holding out for, who's telling the truth and who's not, etc., I give the man credit (given the fact he's not lying, of course). Given the way a lot of professional athletes handle themselves nowadays, I say, "Good for him." Family should be first. Bravo, Richard. And let's keep this in mind too, this is all in the face of the fact that Seymour's agent is the same one that is representing Michael Crabtree and contributing to that fiasco on the other side of the Bay.

Now that Seymour has come out and stated his position and will report, it's time to move on. We have the Chargers coming into our house on Monday night, national television and Seymour on board. Considering the way San Diego has handled us the past it's time that we begin standing up and coaching, playing and cheering like only Raider Nation can. The pieces are falling into place and a huge piece has now shown up and is on board. It's time that we show the NFL that the joke is over and the Silver and Black is back.

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