Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You are who you are.....

We're a team that still has a three headed monster at running back. We're a team still without a receiving threat, now that the trade deadline has come and gone. We're a team still questioning how to move the ball on offense after our passing experiment proved to be a failure. We're a team with a coach that is more optimistic than a 17 year old male on prom night. After his first week and another dismantling, maybe that optimism is what we need (among other things).

Maybe that'll get him to focus on the overall team now, since he admittedly wasn't all that involved with the defensive gameplan and didn't focus much on the offense in practice. Something tells me the gameplan will be one more geared towards the running game than throwing the ball 35 times. Now, that's just a hunch, but I do know this: Bush and McFadden need to see the field more at the beginning of the game. They do leave a bit to be desired in blitz pick up, but we have to keep the change of pace and Russell has shown that 35 passes a game is too much. That needs to be cut to 25 attempts a game, 30 max.

The pass rush needs to be better, but it appears Derrick Burgess does have a strained triceps. Trevor Scott will probably have to fill in. That would definitely leave our already weak pass rush in worse shape. The defense will definitely need the offense to help them out this weekend and allow them to get off the field, especially if Burgess can't go.

We'll see if these things are addressed this week. Updates on injuries and DeAngelo Hall's search for his work ethic and desire to come tomorrow.

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